Thursday, February 28, 2008


From 2 weeks in Bourke to now when I am in Newcastle.
I seem to be travelling quite a bit this month!

You're always told to drink lots of water when travelling, but what if you can't find a toilet?
Well, on the way to Newcastle, I found this.

A 5 star toilet anyone?

My hotel room is quite nice with a Jap-style sliding door that separates the bedroom from the living. This pic doesn't show it but the bed is still nice, eh?

AND flat screen TV in both rooms!

I'm in heaven...
See that window next to the TV? That is actually a window between the bedroom and bathroom. For people who likes a bit of spice?

Have I mentioned the view from my hotel room?

Now I just need some food. Ordered room service but it hasn't arrive yet and it's already 8.48pm. Not happy!

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