Sunday, September 2, 2007

Chifley Penrith Panthers

Was working in Penrith the week before which is out in the western region. Making the journey to the client everyday was starting to get a bit too much and a few of us decided to just stay there to save our time and energy.

We checked into the Chifley Penrith Panthers hotel which was right next to the Krispy Kreme store. Now, this is a moment to savour as this was the first store to open in Sydney. People used to drive from miles away for their dose of Krispy Kreme in the past.

What can I say with the indulgence of hotel rooms sometimes. I found myself with 2 double beds in my room. Now what am I supposed to do with 2?


michellesy said...

omg, i would have been at the krispy kreme shop stuffing my face every day

can't get them here i'm afraid =(

Saryn said...

really?? When they had their 70th anniversary where all donuts were only 70 cents a few months ago. I was stuffing my face every day! OMG, what sin~