Thursday, September 6, 2007

Car love overboard?

This happened a few days ago and it was a conversation among 4 people that I never expected.
These was how it went...

A: My car is my baby.
B: So is mine, it's everything to me.

A: Do you have a name for your car?
Me & another guy (C): WHAT??!!??
B (male): Of course, I named my car Howard. My car is a guy.
A (female): My car is Ronald, he is a guy too. Male cars are definitely easier to drive.

Me: Are you guys serious??
A&B: Yeah! don't you name your car? It has feelings too you know.
Me: I have never heard that. A car is a car and I had a car which I drove every single day for years but it is still just known as my car.

A&B said to each other: Hey, our cars are parked next to each other, they are making friends now.

I looked at C.

C: I have friends who name their cars too but not me.
A: It's logical to name your car, you are with it all the time.
Me: Doesn't make sense to me.
C: Do you name your toothbrush? your toilet seat? your bed? you are with those all the time too and more than you car.
A&B: It's different!

Me thinking : It's that really different?

A said to B : Do you sometimes talk to you car too.
B: No, that's too much!
A: Well. ok. I'm stopping this. Probably freaking you guys out.
Me: Why do you talk to your car?
A: Well, sometimes in a traffic jam and it's just us. I talked to my car.
Me: Well, that's just a one sided conversation. Weird!
A: No, he replies.

This is getting weirder and weirder.
Enough said.


michellesy said...

my ex had a name for his car 0_O

it was sort of an old-man name, which suited the car fine, cos it was a really old clunker =D

adri said...

Kay Jean,

I have a fren who named his car 'Claris' and he dun drive Claris to tesco because it is TOO near, hence is not good for the car. I have not heard of such reason...

Saryn said...

Michelle: Wow! Apparently, there are more out there...haha~ should we join the crowd?

Adri: WHAT!!?? too near?? I'm at a loss for words...