Tuesday, September 4, 2007

APEC and its chaos

APEC, known as the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation is underway this week at the city of Sydney. With various lock downs in place, it is causing a bit of inconvenience to the everyday people. Why they can't have it in Canberra which is the government congregation state defies logic.

It's really funny with the near round the clock news on the President of the US. Imagine all the government ministers who have to be at the airport strip before his stated arrival time of 10pm and having to wait around for 35 minutes in the cold rain because he is late. All they got in return were handshakes and waves. The public witness a second by second footage of Mr. Bush getting out of the plane and making his way to the car while all the Minister of China got as footage was a mere 10 seconds. Makes you wonder where the priorities are considering that the former is being introduced as the most powerful man in the world.

Next thing was news reporter stating his hour-by-hour schedule for the next few days. Am I seriously interested? Wouldn't giving the public his schedule increase any potential for troublemakers? Some events are just so amusing!

To commemorate this event, the Australian mint has even produced 1 dollar coins tailored specifically for this. A pack of 20 coins is currently being sold as AUD29.95. Any takers?

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michellesy said...

were you much affected by the lockdowns?

how hiliarious was it that the head of ASIO couldn't get past the lockdown point cos he didn't have the correct ID WHEN HE WAS SLATED FOR A MEETING WITH BUSH! LOL!