Saturday, August 2, 2008

We Got Married

I have a huge stack of movies and series that are piling up that I have yet to watch. It's hard when you have only so many hours but there are so many different shows in different languages to watch.

Ah! The joys of being Asian, you have shows in English, Mandarin, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan to choose from and it makes the amount that I want to watch so much more.

Needless to say, I am SO BEHIND! Anyhow, after some persistent coaxing from someone, I started watching a reality show from Korea known as "We Got Married". I have to say that I am HOOKED!

The show is about 4 celebrity couples who pretend to be married and the life of a newly wed couple. All 4 are vastly different and definitely give some highly entertaining moments. You get the awkward moments while they are getting used to each other and the fights and dramas!

You always have that slob of a guy who never wants to do anything. Then you have the cute couple and a seemingly materialistic and fashionable couple. The one that I was most taken with was this really romantic guy.

He is just so romantic that it almost seems unreal. If you can hear the music resonating from the background of my blog, it's a song in his album.

There was a point where I began to question whether could it be that he is just putting on a show. After all, celebrities are known to be really different in real life and when they are on camera. However, after watching for a while, I believe that he is really a sincere and genuine guy. I may be wrong, but I am happy to have this conclusion. If I can find someone half as romantic as him, I'll be happy! What can I say, I AM a romantic at heart!

Anyhow, if you're bored, definitely tune in to watch this reality show. You can find it in many places, including here.

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