Monday, August 18, 2008

The McDonalds Coke Olympic Race

With any Olympics, there are sure to be sponsors and food chains the likes of McDonalds taking advantage by selling us toys and mementos.

I guess that I am one such consumer who buys this collectibles. How could you not when McDonalds teamed up with Cokes and came up with a set of Coke Glasses for 3 different events l(swimming, basketball and athletics). It seemed like something worth collecting and is usable. It is also a piece of history. You never know, 200 years from now and this could be in a museum.

After successfully collecting the first two, I trotted off after work today to collect the last and final coke glass. To my dismay, my regular McDonalds has already sold out on it and it's only a MONDAY!

Thinking to myself, "What's the point of having two and not completing the collection", I knew of another McDonalds about 10 minutes walk away. Hence, started my own Olympic race for the final Coke Glass.

Dragging my trolley bag which houses my laptop in addition to a gym bag, I wasn't in the best position to race around for the final Coke Glass. I got there and discovered that it was closed for renovations. OMG!!!!!!

I guess that no event is without it's surprises and hurdles. I headed back into the city to George street to my 3rd McDonalds branch. Sold out again!

This is killing's dinner time and I can't get a Coke Glass with my McDonald meal. Went to the 4th branch, sold out again.

By this time, I have literally walked half of the city and more.

Onwards again. With any event, there can be interruptions, onwards to my next destination, I was stopped by someone asking me where is the nearest supermarket. What the heck!

Finally reached the 5th branch, it looked promising, then I was greeted by these words "Sold Out". Arghh.....

I only know of 2 more branches left in the city. Mind you, this is me walking from one end of George street from Chinatown to Darling Harbour and upwards to Circular Quay.

6th branch....GOLD! I got my Coke Glass. Was it worth it....after all that effort, I think I deserve those fries that came with it.

I now have my complete collection (at least in Australia since they only sell 3 of them). You could say that the final Coke Glass was the coveted Gold.


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