Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Peter So (a.k.a So Man-Fung)

With Chinese New Year dawning upon us in a few days, a sign flashed across my computer screen saying that I've got mail.

It was the fortune of the 12 animals for the year of the rat, 2008. I've always believed in prevention is better than cure and growing up with the Chinese culture has also lend its hand in the invariable peek or two into what the new year brings.

With my limited Chinese, I started reading the PDF attachment. Firstly, I haven't heard of Peter So which invariably leads to less belief and an increase in doubt on his predictions.

Ha! Only to know hours later after some checking on the internet and with friends that apparently he is really popular in Hong Kong. So popular that some of his books have been translated to different languages. He even has a website.

So I scrolled down until I came to the animal which depicts the year that I was born. Apparently, I should be expecting a very good year. Fingers cross that it turns out that way!

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