Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Have you used a Pyrex?

If you like baking or cooking, chances are you've probably used a Pyrex before. I have and I love them. It can last a lifetime and are easy to clean.

I started buying Pyrex storage containers like the one shown below about a year ago. Why? I was getting increasingly frustrated with the normal plastic containers that I've been using.


1. They break or chip easily and you will then need to replace them.

2. Tomato sauce stains them and you can't ever wash them out. Makes me wonder if micro bits of my food is constantly wedging itself into the teeny pores of the plastic which can't be seen by the naked eye. Imagine if tomato sauce can never leave the plastic container, what else can still be there no matter how well you clean it with detergent.

3. Smells linger in the containers.

4. Takes considerable effort to wash the plastic containers when you've packed oily food such as fried rice. I need to wash it at least twice to get rid of the oil or to soak it overnight with detergent.

5. Just cooked food that is still piping hot can't be stored into the containers in case the plastic melts.

With my list ever growing, I decided to switch to Pyrex containers after noticing a colleague of mine using them.

Now, this Pyrex containers are heavier than your average plastic containers which can be a pain sometimes! However, I can place them in the freezer, refrigerator, oven, microwave and it's not a problem. Best thing of all, it's super easy to clean and food odours do not linger after you've washed them.

I discovered something new about these Pyrex containers today. I was cleaning my trusty Pyrex container at work today when it slipped from my hands and fell into the sink. My Pyrex was good as new but the unlucky cup that was in the sink broke into 2 pieces when my Pyrex fell on it. This happened with a partner right in front of me; and the mug was an office mug with the office's signals printed on it that was a gift to us employees.

GULP! Thankfully, the partner just laugh and joked about the quality of our office mugs. So, thumbs up to the Pyrex container for not breaking and another thumbs up for the discovery of a new use: breaking porcelain mugs!

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michelle said...

good to see you back kay jean! =)
haha, how funny was it that the company mug broke? XD
am definitely gonna consider using pyrex from now on - i have EXACTLY the same problems with plastic containers