Friday, October 17, 2008

What a day!

Finally had a small window of free time from prepping and attending job interviews. Went to check out some areas and spoke to a few estate agents about some apartments that I saw that I was interested in renting.

Imagine my shock when one of them said, "As you are still job seeking, that means that you are unemployed, that will classify you as a class B tenant which means that you will need to be prepared to pay 6 month's of rent in advance."

Me: WHAT???

I was thinking, are you kidding me, no one said that before to me and 6 months is really excessive. Not to mention that fact that it is one of the most expensive currencies, the POUND!
I was still shocked for at least half an hour after leaving that agent. Spoke to some people and they have never heard of that before, but then I don't think they were at the unemployed stage when they were seeking to rent either.

That estate agent didn't help by saying that based on the criteria that I had, she doubts that I can find a place close to where I was looking at. But I searched property websites and definitely saw some.

I think I might just give this agent a skip in the future.

After that, heard back from my recruitment agent and unfortunately I wasn't successful in one of the jobs that I applied for that I really like. The feedback was good, they thought that I was fantastic but there was another candidate who had UK experience and have audited that specific industry before.

Oh well, so it boils down to me not having the experience in that industry, nothing I can do about that. They did mention that they are definitely still interested in me when they are recruiting say 2 months later. Well, I think at that point, I will be homeless and penniless (spending in pounds using AUD) so I won't be able to wait 2 months.

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michellesy said...

omg kay jean, that is NOT GOOD!

cannot believe they'd make you pay six months in advance. btw, one of my friends who lives in london has been renting in Angel for ages. He reckons it's the best - maybe check it out?

Hope it gets easier from here on